Easter is a time of Hope and Victory for all Christians, but sadly this year the message of hope turned into agitation and distress for Christian in Pakistan, especially of Gujar Khan. On the night of Good Friday, a United Presbyterian church in Gujar Khan located on the main G.T road was set to fire. The whole building got burnt down. The videos floating on social media were only showing flames of the burning building. It was heart breaking to see the HOUSE OF GOD being dishonored and disrespected.

Repeated attacks on churches in Pakistan is a “Hot Button Issue”. Hate speech, extremism, discrimination is so often being conducted here, that now is becoming a NORMAL thing.

It leaves me wondering that how can we have dual standards? We don’t understand the pain and intensity of a trauma until we are the victim. How heartless and inhumane are we becoming with every second.

This building was no ordinary building, it was House of God, a place of higher reverence, a place of worship of the Most High.

We all believe that there is one God then how can burning down church building be not an issue of concern and sleepless nights? Every now and then churches are attacked in Pakistan. The Christian community while was still fighting the demons of previous church attacks of Jaranawala, another church attack in Gujar Khan wounded us even worse.

Will there ever be an end to our sufferings and agonies. It has been a long time since I slept a peaceful sleep and not knowing any fear of waking up to the same cycle of distress and anguish.


Interior of the Church burnt in Gujar Khan

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