Welcome to freeland: a SAFE HAVEN


We are a group of friends from versatile backgrounds, including like-minded people who promote religious liberty. All of us are from different backgrounds and every single one of us is a maestro of their field. We all believe that everyone has the right to follow their faith without the fear of being judged or persecuted.


• Move Christians of Pakistan safely to Freeland with the help of peace workers.
• Give them a Freeland which the can call their own
• Nurture them to have positive approach towards life with broader prospects
• Equip with high quality education
• Boost their confidence through trainings / workshops.
• Give them skill oriented education to succeed in life.
• Provide healthcare facilities of high standards.
• Recognize the importance of individuality and quality standard life.
• They seek it for themselves and for their generations to come;
• Understand their rights and gain the confidence to insist on them too.


 The project FREELAND is a response towards the continuous mob attacks being held in Pakistan on Christian community and their property being both personal and religious.

There is a constant battle of survival for Christians especially in Pakistan. We have been sitting back and watching all this persecution and un-just from decades to decades!. But now we wont watch quietly. We have stood up for our brethren. It is time to say enough is enough. We wont take it anymore.




Freeland is a SAFE HAVEN!

Freeland is a Free Nation

Freeland is an answer to your prayers

Freeland is your ticket to freedom

Too good to be true??

Join us, come and witness it yourself !!!

Discover Freeland: Embark on a journey to Freeland, a sanctuary meticulously crafted to provide refuge and renewal for Pakistani Christians facing persecution. In Freeland, we’ve forged a haven where the resilient spirit of hope prevails over adversity, offering a fresh start for those seeking peace and security.

Our Mission: At the heart of Freeland’s mission is a commitment to facilitating a seamless transition for Pakistani Christians to a place where they can freely practice their faith and build a future without fear. We stand as a beacon of support, ready to guide families toward a thriving community where their aspirations can flourish.

Beyond Boundaries: Freeland transcends geographical constraints, symbolizing a space where the echoes of past sorrows are drowned out by the promise of a brighter tomorrow. We believe in breaking down barriers, providing an environment where individuals can reclaim their sense of identity, security, and belonging.

Compassion in Action: Our commitment goes beyond rhetoric; it’s a compassionate call to action. Freeland embodies the fusion of empathy and tangible support, offering a lifeline to those in search of solace and a chance at a new beginning. Through practical initiatives and a nurturing environment, we strive to restore not only lives but also the dreams that persecution may have obscured.

Building Dreams: One Step at a Time: Join us in this transformative effort, where compassion meets action, and dreams find a new home in Freeland. Together, we are sculpting a brighter future, one filled with freedom, equality, and the promise of a better tomorrow. Every step taken in Freeland is a stride toward a life of tranquility and promise.

Welcome to Freeland: Freeland is more than a destination; it’s a promise fulfilled, a haven of hope, and a testament to the enduring power of compassion and collective action. In Freeland, every individual has the opportunity to rebuild, renew, and reclaim their right to a life free from persecution.