Welcome to The Federation of Promised Freeland – Shaping a Future Beyond Boundaries

Meet Our Founder

Founder Spotlight: Visionary Leadership

Meet the driving force behind The Federation of Promised Freeland, a beacon of inspiration and catalyst for positive change. Our visionary founder, Baber George Bhatti, embodies a relentless commitment to transforming promises into tangible realities. With a heart fueled by compassion and a mind driven by strategic vision, Baber George Bhatti has pioneered groundbreaking initiatives that uplift communities, empower lives, and champion the values of justice and equality.

A seasoned leader with a wealth of experience, Baber George Bhatti brings a unique blend of passion and pragmatism to our organization. Their unwavering dedication to creating a freeland where promises are not just made but fulfilled has set the tone for The Federation’s impactful journey.

Baber George Bhatti’s ability to envision a better world and turn that vision into actionable plans has been the guiding force behind our numerous successes. Their leadership has fostered a collaborative culture, where individuals and organizations unite under a common goal of making a positive impact on society.

Join us on this transformative journey led by Baber George Bhatti, a trailblazer whose vision and determination have laid the foundation for a future where hope prevails and promises are kept. Together, under Baber George Bhatti’s inspiring leadership, we are shaping a world where every individual has the opportunity to thrive.


The Federation of Promised Freeland PMU

The Project Management Unit (PMU):

The PMU will be the project’s overall coordinating unit. The composition of the PMU depends on the needs of the project. They can operate from the town hall, a central office and combine one or more offices nearer the project areas.

Institutional framework:

The PMU will work with other organizations to design and implement the project. An institutional framework will be set up with its agencies, legal mandates and governance defining the way in which all parties work together. They may include the Mayor, private companies, NGOs, CBOs, faith-based organizations, utility companies (private and public), academia, the media, international NGOs etc.

The federation of promised freeland strategic plan

Strategic Plan:

Financing: how will costs be met and who will meet them? What are the financing opportunities and constraints at settlement level? What is the affordability?

Project norms and standards for construction materials and service provision. To what extent can norms, standards and by-laws be adapted?


It includes a detailed design, cost estimates and implementation schedule for all project components. General procedures for tendering, contracting and building which will be developed to suit project level conditions and opportunities.

The model to be adopted for the provision of socio-technical support which will require the inputs of architects, engineers and planners. Plan for project sustainability

Welcome to The Federation of Promised Freeland – A Global Force for Positive Change

In the tapestry of societal evolution, The Federation of Promised Freeland stands as a dynamic thread, weaving promises into tangible realities. We are more than a non-profit organization; we are architects of empowerment, dedicated to fostering a world where every individual and community thrives. Delve into our website, where each click reveals the intricate details of initiatives, projects, and the transformative journey we invite you to join.

A Call to Action: Origins and Urgency

The genesis of The Federation was a resounding response to the escalating global acts of Christian persecution, particularly underscored by incidents like the heart-wrenching Jaranwala incident. The stark reality unfolds as Pakistan ranks No. 5 among the top ten Christian-persecuted countries globally. The urgency of our mission is palpable, and at the forefront of our priorities is the peaceful relocation of Pakistani Christians to a secure haven. Beyond national borders, our vision extends to providing aid and a sanctuary for persecuted Christians globally, creating a world where hope triumphs over adversity.

The Facts Speak: Advocacy Through Evidence

Explore the factual narrative on our website, a compelling testament to the critical need for action. The statistics vividly depict the widespread reality of Christian persecution, propelling us forward with an unwavering dedication to make a difference. The Federation’s advocacy is not merely a response; it is a commitment rooted in evidence, steering our mission with the gravity and urgency it demands.

Your Involvement Matters: Join the Movement

Your role in our narrative is pivotal. Join The Federation and become an integral part of a movement that transcends borders, defies persecution, and envisions a world where promises are kept. Together, let’s build bridges of hope, transform lives, and forge a future where every individual, irrespective of background, can thrive in a sanctuary of promise and freedom. As you explore our initiatives, projects, and global impact, consider this an invitation to join hands in creating positive change that echoes far beyond our immediate reach. Welcome to The Federation of Promised Freeland – where promises become possibilities, and a brighter future awaits.

Promises Unveiled: Transformative Initiatives

Embark on a journey through our transformative initiatives, where promises are unveiled and opportunities are ignited. Our projects range from educational empowerment to sustainable community development, reflecting a commitment to breaking down barriers and fostering resilience. Explore the nuances of each initiative on our website, where the impact is not just measured in numbers but in the lives transformed. By prioritizing education, healthcare, and economic empowerment, we forge pathways that lead individuals and communities toward a future of promise and prosperity.

The Urgent Cry: A Global Perspective on Christian Persecution

Globally, the urgent cry of persecuted Christians resounds, and The Federation is at the forefront of advocacy and action. Navigate through our comprehensive analysis, shedding light on the alarming statistics that place Pakistan among the top ten Christian-persecuted countries. The urgency of our mission propels us to not only address the immediate needs of Pakistani Christians but also extend our reach to persecuted communities worldwide. Witness the narrative unfold as we advocate for justice, equality, and the protection of fundamental human rights.

Building Bridges of Understanding: Interfaith Dialogue for Unity

At The Federation, we recognize the power of dialogue in fostering unity and understanding. Engage with our commitment to interfaith dialogue, where diverse voices come together in a spirit of tolerance and respect. Through open conversations, we aim to dispel misconceptions, promote harmony, and build bridges that transcend religious divides. It is our belief that by fostering understanding among diverse religious communities, we contribute to a world where coexistence is not only possible but celebrated. Join us in creating a tapestry of unity that transcends borders and embraces the richness of diversity.