“Pakistan Genocide: A Cry for Justice and Exodus”

What a beautiful creation this world is! Im marveled by the works of your hand. They are beyond a human understanding. You, Oh mighty Father have created all of it alone. Thank you for everything.

Thank you father for Pakistan! It is a beautiful land. A land which has all the necessities and valuable resources.A land that I love.

Lord, the people here… sometimes are not as beautiful as the land is, are not as peaceful as the land is, are not as pure as this PAK SARZAMEEN is. They make laws that they break themselves. They are the witness and they are the judges. They burn us, they slaughter us, they mock us, and they shame us. They are GENOCIDING. Our Teenagers are specifically being target killed. Innocent blood is shed.

Lord, when Cain shed the innocent blood of his brother Abel, You Lord, told Cain that the blood of Abel is calling out to you from ground! What happened now Lord? Isn’t the blood of my people calling out to you Lord? Listen oh Father listen. Lean your ear Lord. “How long shall I cry and thou wilt not hear! Even cry out unto thee of violence and thou wilt not save! ”

When there was in justice for your people in the land of Egypt you rose and pulled them all out with your mighty hand from Egypt and sent them to Canaan. Moses told Pharaoh LET MY PEOPLE GO!

Father, you are a just God who is the same yesterday today and tomorrow. It is time Lord. Send us to a Freeland. GIVE US ANEXODUS!!!

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